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The Goods and Bads of Marriage

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Hello! [Oct. 10th, 2006|06:59 pm]
The Goods and Bads of Marriage


[music |Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E]

Name: Emilie

Location: Portland, OR

Wedding Date/Length of Relationship: Sept. 2, 2006/ 3 years +

SO's name: Ben

Anything you'd like to share?: I love my honey, and I'm so happy to finally be married to him (it seemed like the time leading up to the wedding took forever). We're obviously still pretty new to this whole marriage deal, so far its been great and I can't wait for our future together to unfold.

One of your favorite memories of your relationship: The day he proposed to me on the coast, in one of our favorite spots over looking the ocean. I said "I don't know what could make this day any better." and Ben leaned in and said "I think I do, will you be my wife?" Also our wedding day was pretty fabulous (pics to follow in post). Too many good memories...

Ben and Me

Me and Ben on our wedding day...

Ben and me at a friend's party two weeks ago. :-)

I look forward to participating in this community and talking about married life, the ups & downs, good and bad.

[User Picture]From: jewelsofmystery
2006-10-11 02:03 am (UTC)


I'm glad to have you here. I hope that you are at home here..

Please promote so we can get this community rolling..so far not bad..a great turnout for the first day. I'm excited to get moving and having a great participation and great conversations in here!!
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